Thursday, September 8, 2016

Navigating My Day + Being Present...

Hi friends! Today was one of those days when I walked out onto my back deck (as I usually do about 7:30ish a.m.) just to get a handle on my day... based on what the weather was presenting.  And it was obvious... my Southern California summer days are coming to an end.

The sun was not as bright or hot on my skin as it had been for months. The essence of Fall was creeping in and there was something about this change in seasons that triggered in me the necessity to "be present".

 As a photographer, noticing the subtle changes of light and season are extremely important. It creates a change in my mood and hence, expression in my work. There are contrasts that can be captured in Fall due to stronger pigments that decorate the season and they are reflected everywhere in nature and events.

Shadow and color become more dominate and I have to say "goodbye" to the light and pastel palette of summer. When I looked up at the sun this morning such thoughts ran through my mind. Often I write about the ultimate power of being present... my senses perceived a subtle change this morning that I know I will carry through my day and even further, into my work.

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