Friday, October 3, 2014

Diggin' In

A week or so ago I was asked by a fellow photographer about my inspiration. He had the opportunity to get to learn about me by simply viewing my work. I imagine he liked what he saw because he stated, and I quote, "getting a sip of inspiration from your site is like drinking from a fire hose!".

Often I am asked how I keep my photographic eye fresh in the mist of a chaotic shoot or in the height of a busy wedding season. Admittedly, I can find myself left-of-center when I let the "busyness" get to me. However, during those occasions I remind myself to dig in and remember what it is that attracted me to this line of work. I simply enjoy taking beautiful pictures of happy people in wonderful surroundings.

Every location is amazing given the right perspective. A gorgeous venue or backyard celebration can all be captured in style because it is the people that fill the space that make it festive. And as much as I love to travel to locations new to my camera, nothing is more important than creating a connection with my subjects... my ability to create a comfortable alliance with my clients rewards us both with beautiful results.