Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding Your Path

You're engaged now and feeling a bit like you've landed in a foreign land.  Is it bet!  But you're feeling intimidated too.  Suddenly you're confronted with what sounds like a whole new language, not to mention a confusing set of bridal customs.

One important matter of any wedding, however, is to remember to put your own creative stamp on your event.  Like most brides you're probably wondering how much of "My day...My way" stands true when it comes to planning a wedding.  How does one combine traditional elements with more contemporary and personal touches?  For many couples the answer becomes rooting in the location they choose because the environment offers the perfect opportunity to balance the two.  Finding a location that offers the latitude to create a one-of-a-kind setting allows you to incorporate your own ideas for the big day. You can still walk down the aisle holding your father's arm even though that aisle might be made of sand!

So become acquainted with the customs and rules but don't let them rule your day.  Look for numerous fresh ideas in fashion and photography.  Purchase accessories and hire professionals that inspire you and add elegance to one of the most important experiences in your life.  No doubt, one great pleasure of planning a wedding is choosing the elements that together reflect your idea of how that special occasion should feel.  But the happiest bride realizes that the spirit of the day comes unscripted.  After all the preparation, you can sit back and watch your vision come to life.  And even enjoy all the the things you didn't expect would happen.

See you next blog...