Monday, September 12, 2016

Denise & Timothy

About a week ago now I had the privilege to photography Denise and Timothy's wedding in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The location was moody... full of dark wood and warm tones flooded by the glow of afternoon light. Family and friend eagerly waited in their seats while Timothy and Denise prepared for their ceremony.

The stage was set, and Denise's daughter, Jessica escorted her mother down the aisle after seeing every detail was carefully arranged for their ceremony and reception. 

Denise and Timothy chose to wrap their hands together during their ceremony symbolically representing their union. Their officiant used a beautiful woven cord and reminded the couple to be mindful of the vows declared to each other this day. It was clear to me that both Denise and Timothy were equally ready to embrace their marriage... thier eyes simply lit up every time they looked at one another!

Once the ceremony was over, Denise and Timothy escaped for a quiet moment to toast one another ...and simply breathe!

We took a bunch of casual photographs of all their family, friends and guests during their reception... no one was left out of this intimate celebration.

Jessica, Denise's daughter, toasted the newlyweds which gave way to an afternoon of celebration.

 Thank you, Denise and Timothy for inviting me to capture your wedding. I wish you both all the joy and magic that a beautiful marriage can bring.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Navigating My Day + Being Present...

Hi friends! Today was one of those days when I walked out onto my back deck (as I usually do about 7:30ish a.m.) just to get a handle on my day... based on what the weather was presenting.  And it was obvious... my Southern California summer days are coming to an end.

The sun was not as bright or hot on my skin as it had been for months. The essence of Fall was creeping in and there was something about this change in seasons that triggered in me the necessity to "be present".

 As a photographer, noticing the subtle changes of light and season are extremely important. It creates a change in my mood and hence, expression in my work. There are contrasts that can be captured in Fall due to stronger pigments that decorate the season and they are reflected everywhere in nature and events.

Shadow and color become more dominate and I have to say "goodbye" to the light and pastel palette of summer. When I looked up at the sun this morning such thoughts ran through my mind. Often I write about the ultimate power of being present... my senses perceived a subtle change this morning that I know I will carry through my day and even further, into my work.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Diggin' In

A week or so ago I was asked by a fellow photographer about my inspiration. He had the opportunity to get to learn about me by simply viewing my work. I imagine he liked what he saw because he stated, and I quote, "getting a sip of inspiration from your site is like drinking from a fire hose!".

Often I am asked how I keep my photographic eye fresh in the mist of a chaotic shoot or in the height of a busy wedding season. Admittedly, I can find myself left-of-center when I let the "busyness" get to me. However, during those occasions I remind myself to dig in and remember what it is that attracted me to this line of work. I simply enjoy taking beautiful pictures of happy people in wonderful surroundings.

Every location is amazing given the right perspective. A gorgeous venue or backyard celebration can all be captured in style because it is the people that fill the space that make it festive. And as much as I love to travel to locations new to my camera, nothing is more important than creating a connection with my subjects... my ability to create a comfortable alliance with my clients rewards us both with beautiful results.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

With Grace, Going Gently into your Future

Erin and Jeff were married at one of Southern California's premier wedding locations. Their wedding day was a bit overcast which lent itself to beautiful, almost "glowy" images.

I love the use of  orange accents throughout their wedding. It's always a welcome site to see brides incorporate seasonal colors into their wedding decor. Southern California isn't well known for its dramatic seasonal changes, so this is a great way to help all attendees embrace Fall as Summer seems to slowly drift away with every passing week.

How wonderful it can be when you are behind the lens and afforded the opportunity to capture images of a couple so endeared to one another. Erin and Jeff were such a couple and made the process of photographing their wedding nearly effortless. They were simply more into one another than any other obstacle that might have come their way that day. That ability to still carry the weight of a long wedding day with grace will help them nurture a strong relationship for the years ahead.